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How to Open an Account

Opening your account is simple! Your public entity must pass an ordinance or a resolution authorizing participation in IMET, then complete an IMET Account Application Form and a Redemption Instructions Form. Return the forms and establish an account. Each participant may open more than one account.

How to Invest

Incoming Wire Transfers
The following information must be included on all incoming wire instructions:

  • IMET 1-3 Year Fund

    • Bank Name
    • Bank ABA Number
    • For Further Credit
    • Account Number and Caption

  • IMET Convenience Fund

    • Bank Name
    • Bank ABA Number
    • Credit Account
    • For Further Credit (FFC)
    • Attention: Wire Unit/Chicago, IL

To place a purchase, please initiate a transfer from your banking institution and also contact an Operations Desk Representative to notify IMET of an incoming wire. If you prefer, you may go on-line through the IMET website to ensure timely credit of you investment.

Purchases to the IMET 1-3 Year Fund and to the IMET Convenience Fund may also be made via check or Automated Clearing House (ACH). Please call the IMET office for detailed instructions.

All purchases by wire that are preceded by a notification to the Fund before 3:00 PM Central time on the day of the wire, will be credited that day and are entitled to that day's closing net asset value. Any telephone or on-line instructions received after 3:00 PM Central time will be credited on the following business day. The notification to the Fund must identify the amount, the name of the account to be credited, and the IMET account number. If the Fund is not advised of a purchase prior to 3:00 PM Central Time on the day of the wire, or if federal funds are not received the same day the order is placed, the order will be credited on the following business day.


Outgoing Wire Instructions
To wire funds from your IMET account, please call 888/288-IMET (4638) with the following information:

  • IMET 1-3 Year Fund

    • Name of Receiving Bank and Location
    • Receiving Bank's ABA Number
    • Account Number and Name of Account to be Credited at Receiving Bank
    • Special Instructions

Redemptions from the IMET 1-3 Year Fund will be completed in four business days following the order. Participant's redemptions of the IMET 1-3 Year Series will be at the net asset value as of the close of business on the third business day following the day of notification.

Redemptions from the IMET Convenience Fund that are requested by 3:00 PM Central Time will be completed on the same day. Requests received after 3:00 PM Central Time will be processed the day following notification.

Participants who wish to bring an account to a zero balance should call the IMET Operations Desk at 888/288-IMET (4638) to receive proper instructions.

For protection of the Participants, funds may be wired only to those bank accounts previously designated in the Fund's files. To designate additional bank accounts, please call IMET at 630/571-0480 or 618/665-IMET (4638) for the necessary forms. Note that neither the Fund nor the Investment Advisor will be responsible for any losses resulting from unauthorized transactions.

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