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The Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund (IMET) was developed in July 1996 as a cooperative endeavor to assist Illinois municipalities with the investment of their intermediate-term dollars. IMET was established as a not-for-profit investment fund under the Illinois Municipal Code. Currently serving 274 municipalities and public entities, IMET offers two separate investment vehicles, the 1-3 Year Fund and the Convenience Fund, to meet the investment needs of public entities.   The IMET 1-3 Year Fund continues to provide the  highest U.S.Government Securities' rating.    
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  October 2015 IMET Performance Annualized
IMET 1-3 Year Fund
One Month
3 Months
One Year
3 Years
5 Years
Since Inception
Net of Fees
Gross of Fees

October 2015 IMET Convenience Fund Performance
IMET Convenience Fund - Past 12 Months
Convenience Fund - Avg. Daily Yield for Month

For prior 1-3 Year Fund daily NAV values and Convenience
Fund rates, please call the Operations Desk
1-888-288-IMET (4638)
Current Convenience Fund Rate 1-3 Year Fund NAV
as of Nov. 26th, 2015
as of Nov. 26th, 2015

NAV at Oct. 31st, 2015
was $19.231
Current Fed Funds Rate
0.00% - 0.25%

Scott Anderson (Trustee) is the Finance Director/Treasurer for the Village of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He has held this position since 2006. Prior to being appointed he had been the Assistant Finance Director at Buffalo Grove sine 1999. He has a B. S. in Political Science from Arizon State Univeristy and a Masters in Public Administration (Fiscal Administration) from Northern Illinois University. Professional memberships include the Government Finance Officers Association(GFOA) and the Illinois Government Finance Officers Association (IGFOA). He is a member of the Executive Board of IGFOA.

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For easy access to wire instructions for purchases, redemptions or transfers
please call the operations/help desk at 1-888-288-IMET(4638)
IMET Operations Desk
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (CST) bus. days.
Telephone: (888) 288-IMET (4638) 
Audit Confirmation Request
Please send requests for audit confirmations to:

Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund
1220 Oak Brook rd.
Oak Brook, IL 60523
630-571-0480, ext. 229
Fax requests to: 630-571-0484
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