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As a participant in IMET's 1-3 Year Fund, you own an undivided fractional interest in each of the assets held in the fund. For convenience, these interests are expressed as unit shares in IMET.

Investment Performance

An investment in IMET's 1-3 Year Fund constitutes a direct investment in the assets of the Fund - as such it is not a deposit.

Total return on your IMET investment is comprised of yield income on the portfolio as well as capital gains and losses. Total returns quoted on monthly account statements reflect all aspects of the Fund's return, including the effect of reinvestment of interest and/or principal and capital gains distributions, and any change in the Fund's net asset value over a stated period.

The net asset value per share is calculated by adding the value of all portfolio securities and other assets, deducting its actual and accrued liabilities, and dividing by the number of shares outstanding.

Financial Reports

The performance of IMET is reviewed each month by an independent performance monitoring organization. View current and past Monthly Reports as well as IMET's Annual Audit statements.

IMET 1-3 Year Fund Portfolio

Primary investments include only those of the highest quality: US Treasuries, Agencies, Agency Pass-Through Securities and Cash Equivalents.

IMET Convenience Fund Portfolio and Collateral Report

The IMET Convenience Fund offers daily liquidity and is collateralized via FDIC Insurance, the FHLB LOC Program, and US Government Securities at 110% on bank deposits.

Convenience Fund Current Month Daily Rates

The Convenience Fund rate is pegged
to the Federal Funds Target Rate.
View past monthly Convenience Fund Rate History

Yield Calculator



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